Paint the month blue: helpful apps for autism (Part 2)

Welcome back!

The following list is the second installation of help apps for those with autism. Remember, it’s National Autism Awareness Month, make sure to visit the Autism Society’s website to learn more about how you can get involved.

Model Me Going Places (Free): This app is a great visual teaching tool to help children understand and learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location shows children demonstrating the appropriate actions at each location. The hairdresser, mall, doctor and grocery store are just a few of the locations the app illustrates for children.

Talk Assist (Free): Using Text to Speech technology, this app provides a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Anything typed in will be spoken for others to hear and phrases can even be bookmarked in a history to be used over and over again.

LetterSchool Lite (Free): This app teaches children how to write letters and numbers as well as letter names and sounds, uppercase and lowercase forms and more! Letters come to life after the user traces them, either with a guide or free hand, thus improving hand-eye coordination and refining motor skills.

A Present for Milo-A Touch and Surprise Storybook ($3.99): This touch and tap book offers over 80 interactive objects that initiate over 125 animations. This cat-chases-mouse story is ideal for pre-schoolers, but is great for children with autism because it is an interactive and colorful way to associate different objects and their animations.

Talking Tom Cat 2 (Free): Whatever you say to Tom, he says back! With this new version, the user can dress Tom up in shades, hats, earrings and more. Tom can be a police officer or a funny cowboy. This app is great because Tom responds to different actions from the user, like petting, slapping or touching his tail. It helps to reinforce consequence when an action occurs.

ABC Pocket Phonics Lite (Free): This app helps children learn to read by understanding the sounds letters make, versus the names of letters, and also helps children with writing and covers 170 first words essential to the English language.

Splatter HD (Free): Super colorful and mess free, this app allows the user to go crazy with splatter paint! Colors can be chosen or default colors automatically appear. Great for kids of all ages and abilities. Plus, the works of art can be saved and sent to others to share.

Be sure to check out the Autism Family Resource Center for more information about upcoming seminars on autism therapies, they’re free!