Low vision electronic solutions

Courtesy of ATIA
With technology, it always seems that the evolution never ends. Gadgets become smaller, more efficient and quicker all the time and gadgets for the blind and people who have low vision are no exception.

Optelec is a company that provides assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired community and the following is a list of products they provide that make living in a world made for the sighted a bit more user friendly for those who cannot see or have difficulties doing so.

Compact 5 HD: This handheld portable video magnifier is lightweight, is always in focus and gives the user abilities to read glossy magazines, letters, displays or price tags in both the lowest and widest continuous magnifcation range possible.

ClearNote: This device is ideal for the office, classroom and/or home. Combining near, self and distance viewing, this piece of equipment allows the user to view white boardings during a meeting or class, take notes from a lecture or read printed case reports while using a computer.

Multiview: This 3-in-1 viewing device is a multipurpose video magnifier for document reading, distance and self-viewing with a 3-in-1 flexible camera. Designed to fit conveniently on any workstation, the multiview camera can focuse on a wide range of activities including reading, writing, hobbies, needlework, or even painting. The camera has the ability to tilt and rotate to view yourself for getting ready in the morning, or it can be adjusted for distance viewing around the room.

Compact: This portable video magnifier is a great combination of design and sophistication. It comes in tons of cool colors, like pink, white, blue and green and allows the user to read labels, maps, schedules and directions all on the go.

FarView: This magnifier is ideal for the active user. Offering the combined benefits of document and distance viewing in a stylish and compact design, the FarView allows the user to access information with ease in selected magnification and high contrast settings.

Make sure to visit www.Optelec.com to check out their extensive line of AT for those who are blind or who have low vision.