UPLIFT Motion Stool from Human Solution

It’s no secret how unhealthy it is to sit at a desk for a majority of the day.  Human Solution is on a mission to provide the “healthiest and most productive office solutions.”  One example of their products is the ergonomic UPLIFT Motion Stool.

Motion Stool by UPLIFT

The UPLIFT Motion Stool “has what your body needs for any type of perch-standing at your desk.”  It features a weighted, functional base which keeps the stool standing tall when not in use.  Rubber treading underneath the base won’t slip as you sit, stand, perch, or tilt.

Overview of the UPLIFT Motion Stool:

  • Soft fabric on seat provides maximum breathability even in the warmest of environments
  • Padded convex cushion with waterfall edges reduces pressure points all over
    • Waterfall seat cushion alleviates pressure, allows maximum flexibility, and promotes circulation
  • Molded rubber base provides friction throughout the movement so you won’t slip
  • Black shell body is a molded polypropylene material
  • Easy-to-push buttons allow for 10″ of height adjustment, for a fully adjustable sit-stand stool
  • Gas spring raises and lowers the seat and is covered with protective epoxy powder coating
  • Recommended for persons 5’2″ and taller

Pair the Motion Stool with the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk for best results.  Blog on this desk coming out this Thursday!

Visit the Human Solution website to learn more about all of their products.

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