Monday Tech Tip: Bike Around

Jasmine Dahlberg at Camino Care shows us the Bike Around, which allows a user to use a stationary bike with an indoor dome and uses Google Street View to allow a user to explore anywhere in the world. This can provide a individual with cognitive or physical impairments an interactive experience with places they may […]

Monday Tech Tip: NeuroNode by Control Bionics

Emily Boland, Marketing & Customer Relationship Manager, at Control Bionics show us the NeuroNode which is the world’s first wireless wearable EMG assistive communication device. Check it out here: Click here for more information on NeuroNode.

Monday Tech Tip: MindView Mind Mapping Software

Brandon Conrad, Software Sales Rep, at MatchWare, Inc. shows us MindView which is a mind mapping software that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize, and present ideas. Check it out here: Click here for additional information on MindView.