6 Happi Papi Educational Apps

Happi Papi is a company dedicated to developing fun educational apps for children on iOS and Android devices.  The company released its first educational app back in 2011, and has continued providing exciting learning apps for children.  Keep on reading to learn more about the variety of apps available by Happi Papi! Happi Create: Coming […]

Social Skills for Autism: Mission Rescue Kloog

The Social Skills for Autism: Mission Rescue Kloog app is designed to teach individuals with autism necessary social skills to operate “effectively and comfortably in social situations.”  I know I’ve written about dozens of social skill apps for autism on this blog, but this one is a little different from the rest.   Keep on […]


These apps were discussed on December 17, 2015 at the annual INAPSE conference.  This list is provided for the convenience of our participants: Apps and accessibility features that Brian and Wade demonstrated (or planned to!): Brian               Siri Wade              Voiceover Wade              Zoom Wade              Large Print Wade              Invert Colors Brian               Speak Screen / Selection Brian               Switch Control Wade              […]

Monday Tech Tip: Sign Language Apps

Justin Amber, Equipment Loan Specialist at Easter Seals Crossroads,  shows us two sign language apps. Marlee Keyboard which allows users to download a sign language keyboard to use with an iOS device and Marlee Signs which is a way to learn sign language. Check it out here:

StepPad: cognitive support tool for multi-step tasks

The new StepPad may be a great resource for individuals who have difficulty completing multiple step tasks by themselves.  With the StepPad, directions that are recorded are played back in a sequence, one step at a time, to prompt the user on what to do next.  The device functions well as both a short-term teaching tool […]