The Nest Thermostat

As the world of technology expands, many options are becoming more accessible to individuals with a myriad of disabilities. A majority of companies nowadays are equipping their new products with Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi compatibility, thus allowing individuals to personally operate switches and other devices (i.e. lights, door locks, thermostats, etc.) in their home—while being away […]

Monday Tech Tip: iPad Accessibility Part 2 of 3

Welcome to the second part of this special three part series about accessibility on the iPad.  In the first video, Anna showed how to set up particular accessibility features on the iPad.  In this video, she will show how to use only hand gestures and voice to insert text into contact fields.

Monday Tech Tip: iPad Accessibility Part 1 of 3

This is a special series on iPad accessibility featuring Anna Leung, Assistive Technology Specialist.  In the first video, Anna shows how to set up some accessibility controls on the iPad.  In the videos to come she will then demonstrate how to use helpful features. Enjoy!

Making the Cloud more Accessible with Android and Chrome

People who are Blind or have low-vision face unique challenges when using Cloud services. Google recently led a workshop to share how the company is improving the accessibility of its technologies. Some of Google’s improvements to its Android and Chrome products are listed below. You can read the full list on Google’s Official Blog. Google OS […]

2012 Paralympic Games in London

You’re probably aware that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in London in August. However, you may not know that London will be the most accessible host city ever! Train platforms have been widened, buses have been made wheelchair accessible and all river piers have ramps. More than 8,250 London buses have been […]