Intel Reader: Giving Independence to Print-Disabled

Exciting news for people who have difficulty reading regular print!  Assistive technology leader HumanWare recently signed on to distribute the Intel Reader.  This lightweight device records print, converts it to digital text, and then reads it aloud.  It has all the power of a computer and scanner, yet can fit easily in a purse or a carry-on bag.

Graffitti spelling the word "Yes"
Graffitti spelling the word "Yes"

The 5 megapixel camera has a range of 4″ to a little over 1 yard, and has an auto focus.  The library feature lets people save documents for later access.  Users can choose to search within a document by word, sentence, or by page, and they can go to a specific page or jump to the beginning or the end with the touch of a button.

There’s more!  When this device is paired with Intel Portable Capture Station, you can gather and store large amounts of text quickly.  This feature is especially convenient for people who spend a lot of time reading on the go, studying, or book lovers in general.

Learn more about this handy device here.

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