Tech Tip Monday: Livescribe Pen

The INDATA Project is happy to announce that starting this week, we will present a blog post every Monday that features a “Tech Tip” video.  These Tech Tips will introduce various assistive technology devices with brief demonstrations.  Below is our first video discussing the benefits of the Livescribe Pen.

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  1. This sounds interesting but I’m not quite clear as to where the notebook comes in and what is different about using this device as opposed to a digital recorder. Honestly, Wade’s math example spent my mind spinning so maybe that caused me to not understand clearly…math does crazy things to my brain. 😉 Would this device be accessible to someone who is blind?

  2. Hi Katrina,

    The notebook isn’t just any notebook. If you were able to look closely you’d see millions of tiny dots on the paper. Behind the point of the pen is a small camera that records where you are writing on the page and syncs it with the audio coming in from the microphone.

    It’s much easier to use than a digital recorder because here you can point the pen on the notebook to determine where you want to start listening to a lecture. A standard recorder only allows you to play, fast forward and rewind, thus meaning it could take a long time for someone to find a specific part of an hour long lecture.

    Someone who is blind will likely not use this product because it does require you to write on the paper. If that person can read Braille, I would suggest a PacMate as they can type notes in Braille on a PacMate and then put those notes on their computer.

  3. This sounds great for someone in collage. This technology won’t help a child in Elementary or middle school. They are required to use pencil. My middle school child is slow and sometimes has a hard time keeping up. He is not diagnosed with any disorders so he doesn’t get any learning disablity help. This would be great for him. Is there a way to get the school to let him use this kind of technology? In the beginning of the video Wayne said it will record for two hours, is there a back up battery? What happens to the pen after 100 hours? Does it have a charger? Also, how much does this item cost?

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