500 Strong

Today’s post marks an important day in the life of the INDATA blog, it has officially turned 500! Well, it’s the 500th blog post that is. So we’re going to keep today light and fun, with a little assistive technology of course, and take a few minutes to find out what you (our audience) have loved to read over the past couple of years as well as hear from some of our very own team. Thank you so much for allowing us to keep you informed about the world of assistive technology and the people who use it. We have truly enjoyed every minute!

What does INDATA mean to you?

I think it means helping people who otherwise would not be able to help themselves, as far as getting the equipment they need and just being able to help other people. It makes me feel good to help other people. – June White, INDATA Administrative Assistant

My mom always tells us to find a job that you enjoy doing so that coming to work is fun. “If work is fun, then it will not feel like work,” she wisely advised us. INDATA is filled with so many stories that gives me tremendous joy, especially considering the vast amount of work that my wonderful colleagues accomplish despite meager resources.
– Alvin Alviar, Assistive Technology Equipment Assistant

For me, it means giving used computers and AT equipment a new lease on life. Which also means that some folks are getting technology to help them find their own place in the world. – Mike Garberg, ReUse & Distance Educ. Tech.

Helping people with disabilities to be able to do things they never thought possible. – Steve Carter, Equipment Assistant

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INDATA – A valuable resource that allows the Clinical AT Department at Easter Seals Crossroads to increase the independence of persons with disabilities in all facets of life across the state of Indiana. – Brian Norton, Manager of Clinical Assistive Technology

To me, INDATA means working with an an amazing group of people who are passionate about providing tangible results to help people gain knowledge and access to Assistive Technology. I believe we truly touch people’s lives by educating them about technology that is available to accommodate their needs and assist them in making better decisions of what works for them. – Nikol Prieto, Community Outreach Coordinator

In 1979, INDATA was just a mere concept, now 32 years later, we have been fortunate enough to keep evolving and expanding in order to reach the greatest amount of people to do a greater amount of good. – Wade Wingler, Director of Assistive Technology

Thank you again to everyone who reads our blog and gives us feedback! For more blogs and videos be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter: @INDATAProject.

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