Lexercise: A Tool use to Screen Students for Dyslexia

Lexercise is a free, web-based tool that parents, teachers, physicians and clinicians can use to screen children for Dyslexia. It’s recommended for students ages six or older.  The free online test determines whether your child is having trouble reading or processing words.

Lexercise combines two types of assessments to provide the most accurate results. It combines the San Diego Quick Assessment and the Z-Screener. The San Diego Quick Assessment is a freely available and un-timed test of single word reading. The Z-Screen is also a quick test that use nonsense words with “short” vowel sounds to identify basic decoding problems that can be missed in other types of tests.

Lexercise is most commonly used by parents since the test can be administered at home.  Here’s how it works. The parent watches a short introduction. The parent and student sit in front of the computer together. The student reads words and nonsense words and the parent types in the answers. The parents then enters the child’s name and grade level.  After the test is finished, a report is created almost immediately for the parent to view.

You can view a video about Lexercise here. For more information about Lexercise you can visit the website or call toll free at 1888-603-1788.

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