2 Home Safety Apps for People with Autism

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Colton Matheson is a guest blogger for the INDATA Project and shares some research about two tablet apps that help keep people with disabilities safe in their homes.

Colton writes:

When anyone mentions the word “apps” for smartphones and tablets, many people instantly think about games and music and other forms of personal entertainment. In reality, there are apps that address virtually every aspect of life, including productivity, lifestyle, personal security, and many other genres. Here’s a look at some assistive technology apps designed to help keep people safe while at home.

Living Safely ($29.99)

For many, safe living isn’t as intuitive or as obvious as it could be. Designed for people with Austim, Living Safely includes self-paced safety lesson covering 27 different topics. Some of these include:

  • Fire safety
  • Medicine cabinet safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Kitchen safety
  • Hot water safety

Living safely is appropriate for those who can understand the lessons themselves, as well as for their caregivers and other who work with learning-disabled people on a daily basis.


ADT Pulse (FREE)

This may seem a stretch, but home security systems made a big leap when they started to include single-button “panic” buttons. These pendant-style personal security products were designed with seniors and others with mobility issues.

From there, it just made sense for home security companies like ADT to provide personal safety and security apps for smartphones and tablets. With the ADT Pulse Interactive Solution in conjunction with a monitored ADT home security system, users will be able to:

  • Remotely arm and disarm the security system
  • Receive text messages and email notifications
  • View live streaming video of the protected home or business
  • Home automation to include thermostats and lights

This is the perfect companion app for current ADT home security customers with elderly or disabled relatives. Caretakers gain the peace of mind that their loved ones are protected from intruders, have communication in the case of a fall, and can get a text if the disabled loved one leaves their home unassisted.

There are many great apps available for those who need assistance to ensure they’re living a high quality life. If this is you, or you’re a caregiver, a little research will most likely yield the results you’re seeking in assistive-care apps.

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