4 Apps for Captioning Movies


Captionfish is the Internet’s leading captioned movies search engine that shares information about open captioned and descriptively narrated movies showings in the United States. Captionfish also features streaming captioned trailers that allow deaf and  people with hearing impairments to enjoy the very same previews of current and upcoming movies as their hearing counterparts. Last year, I wrote a detailed blog post about Captionfish as a website. In November 2011, the Captionfish app was released for Apple products.



Hearing impairment can make it difficult to see a movie in threaters, but take your phone read along with the action with Subtitles (iPhone, Free). The app offers a database of films, old and new, that have subtitles available in over 20 languages. No more lipreading from the big screen. It is available on Apple products.


Subtitle Player

This app ideal for deaf people in cinemas, if the movie is not subtitled. File content is scrollable and the last active subtitle is highlighted. Ability to seek forward and backward in time. Subtitle Player is available on Android products.


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