3 Apps for the Hard of Hearing

Sign 4 Me for iPad 

Sign 4 Me assists in learning American Sign Language (ASL) and translates words and phrases into ASL.

Users can type in words and sentences and watch the 3D avatar “sign” those words and phrases. Sign 4 Me can be used as a learning tool for kids and adults alike as it’s simple to use.

The second use of Sign 4 Me is the translation tool. It includes typing words and phrases and then showing them to a person who only speaks in sign language. With more than 11,500 words in its dictionary, this is the perfect companion app for people who are new to ASL or who have been newly introduced to anyone who communicates in ASL.

Dragon Dictation

Hearing users can speak into the microphone of an iOS device and this app will translate words to text for an immediate transcript of your conversation. Dragon Dictation is perfect for people communicating if one person is hearing and one is hearing impaired.

At Easter Seals Crossroads and the INDATA Project, we’re big fans of Dragon. You can check out an older blog post about this program here.


Thanks to the Hamilton Mobile CapTel app (Universal, Free), even people who can’t hear phone calls can participate in them. This app gives a live detailing of the conversation in text form by captioning phone calls.


  1. Dragon is a good app. What may be even easier on the iPad is using the built in notes program with the iOS dictation. Then you have the ability to adjust the font for easier reading.

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