Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff

For young children with visual impairments, there are additional challenges in terms of child development.  Many experts believe that children with visual impairments develop more slowly than their peers, but now research proves there is just as much “variability in terms of when they acquire a skill.”  As is the case with other children, practicing skills as early as possible is the key to higher achievements.  Early exposure to Braille is one of these essential skills.  One way to teach the Braille alphabet is through a fun, interactive app called Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff.

The Exploring Braille App was developed by the parent and teacher of a child who is blind.  It was designed to introduce young children with visual impairments the Braille alphabet using a multi-sensory approach.  The multi-sensory Braille/Print approach also allows users of “all sight levels to learn together, providing opportunities for socialization through learning.”

The Exploring Braille App presents two instructional methods for teaching all 26 letters and two quiz modes for assessing the child’s reading and writing skills.  While using the app, children will love the “consistency in repetition, sound effects, and characters as they become engaged in learning and play.”

By using the app, children will learn:

Features of the Exploring Braille App

  • AlphaGuide presents the entire alphabet through a multi-sensory instructional video
  • Flashcards allow users to browse through the alphabet at their own pace
  • Reading Quiz Game has the user choose the correct letter from multiple choices
  • Writing Game encourages the user to write the correct letter while earning dog bones for Ruff!
  • Scores at end of each game show which letters the child answers correctly and incorrectly
  • Develops foundational reading and Braille skills
  • Early introduction to audio description with page descriptions
  • Can be used at home or in class

To learn more about this app, visit iTunes.

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