7 Solutions for Biting and Chewing

A while back, I discussed several different fidgets for individuals with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, and more (blog links at bottom of this page).  Fidgets are developed for children and adults who need to keep their hands, fingers, feet, and/or mouths busy.  In these blogs, I covered a couple of options to help individuals who specifically struggle with biting and chewing, but haven’t provided a thorough list of chewable solutions.  Keep on reading to find a biting solution for your child.

While researching this topic, I stumbled upon a helpful blog titled How to Decrease Chewing in Children with Autism.  Within this article, the author explained why children with autism chew excessively:

Children with autism have difficulty in regulating their sensory experiences.  They can have hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity to various sensations.  Excessive chewing is an example of hyposensitivity.  These children chew, not because they want to destroy clothing or other objects, but because they may like or need the sensation that they get by chewing.

The author continues stating how the simplest way to handle this chewing and biting problem is to provide the individual with chewable alternatives, such as a chewy toy.  The idea behind chewable toys is to help individuals obtain oral stimulation through safe toys.  By using chewable toys, individuals are less likely to bite themselves/others, books, clothing, and whatever they can get their mouths on!

In addition to chewable products, the author also provides a list of different activities to help with oral stimulation:

  • Sucking liquids through a straw
  • Blowing balloons and bubbles
  • Puffing up cheeks
  • Pulling cheeks apart in front of the mirror and making faces
  • Drinking cold water and swishing it around the mouth

Some of these activities may help temporarily, but more than likely they may still have a desire to chew.  Here is a list of seven possible solutions for biting and chewing!

7 Solutions for Biting and Chewing:

1. Cool Chew Super Pack

Looking for a bundle of chewing solutions?  Check out the Cool Chew Super Pack which consists of 2 butterflies, 2 race cars, and 2 stems.  All products in this package are designed to be a “perfect outlet for sensory seekers who need to chew for calm and focus.”  Children can chew on these while taking tests, doing homework, or whenever they feel the urge to chew.  Each piece features varied bumps and ridges for a varied sensory experience.


  • For moderate chewers
  • Promotes oral motor exploration, chewing, and mouthing
  • Made in USA of FDA-approved food-grade silicone
  • Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and latex
2. Bite Bands

Bite Bands are reviewed as a Therapist Pick at Fun and Function.  Founder of Fun and Function and OTR Aviva Weiss reviewed the product: “Thick and absorbent Bite Bands are great for chewing, don’t make kids stick out, and protect their clothing from getting drenched and holey.”  They are specifically designed for individuals who often chew on their clothes to relax or focus.  They are different from plastic chew necklaces as they are designed with terry cloth to soak up drool and keep shirts dry.


  • For moderate chewers
  • Offers alternative chewing surface to clothing
  • Ideal for orally focused children who prefer cloth
  • Set of six so children can use several throughout the day
  • Made from polyester/cotton blend
3. Gnaw Straws

For children and adults who crave oral motor activity, Gnaw Straws are an ideal, less conspicuous solution!  They are reusable drinking straws made from soft, chewy tubing that can be used for drinking, blowing, biting, fidgeting, chewing, and sipping.


  • Ideal for anyone with sensory processing disorder (and for everyone else!)
  • A discrete way to enjoy oral motor stimulation
  • BPA free and made in the USA
  • Three 12 inch straws in each pack
  • Hand wash with mild soap and water
  • NOTE: Contains latex!
4. Teen Chewy Bracelet

Looking for a heavy-duty chewy product that can stand up to your tween or teen’s chompers?  The Teen Chewy Bracelet is a piece of “fashionable and durable chewelry” that can be worn at home or at school, and can help them when they feel the urge to bite, chew, or fidget!


  • For heavy chewers
  • Helps with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, and oral motor needs
  • For teen and adult use
  • Made of silicone
  • Free of BPA, phthalates and lead
  • Cleans with soap and water
5. Turquoise Egg Pendant

Interested in a piece of stylish chewelry?  The Turquoise Egg Pendant is a “Stylish twist on chew toys!”  It is a necklace with the ability to help children of all ages calm down.  “Kids and teens can wear the pendant for when the urge strikes to bite or chew.  Or mom can wear the pendant, ready for teething babies.”  The pendant’s smooth texture is ideal for oral motor exploration.


  • For moderate chewers
  • Ideal for individuals with sensory processing disorder, autism or oral motor needs
  • Made of silicone with nylon necklace
  • Free of BPA, phthalates, and latex
  • Breakaway clasp for additional safety
6. Spaghetti Chewy Fidget

The Spaghetti Chewy Fidget is a colorful chewable that engages all senses.  It is a multi-colored, tactile and fun chewy fidget that acts as a chewy, and a fidget and manipulative all in one.  It conveniently clips onto a belt, bag, or clothing, so you never lose it!


  • For light to moderate chewers.
  • Provides an outlet for children who need to chew, bite, or prepare their jaws for oral motor activity
  • Made in the USA
  • Clean with mild soap and water
  • NOTE: Contains latex!
7. Chew Stixx – Orange Citrus Flavor

Chew Stixx features four different textures in one chewy!  It is a fun and durable 4-in-1 chew stick with bumps, ridges, and other surfaces to explore.  It was designed by therapists to simulate the “ever-changing textures of food” and helps children with food-related sensory issues become more comfortable with multiple textures.


To find other biting and chewing solutions, click here!

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