One, Two, Tie My Shoe

Learning to tie shoes is no easy task for children.  It is especially difficult for those with autism because they learn a little differently.  One, Two, Tie My Shoe offers a kit with colorful split rings to help children of all abilities learn to tie their shoes!

What is the importance of teaching your child how to tie his or her own shoes?  Well, first and foremost: it is an important skill that will bring your child a sense of pride and enthusiasm.  Additionally, it also provides great hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill practice.  (The One, Two, Tie My Shoe blog lists off several other reasons found here.)

one two tie my shoe

One, Two, Tie My Shoe was developed after founder Mendy Hassen noticed her daughter’s frustration when tying her shoes.  Her daughter was “able to make one bunny ear, but was unable to make the second because she needed two hands.”

The One, Two, Tie My Shoe kit features colorful special rings, which help accelerate the learning process.  The special rings hold the “bunny ears” together so the child is able to make a bow and tie his or her shoes.  The bunny ear method is an easy way to coordinate children’s fingers and provides a mental image to remember.

Contents of One, Two, Tie My Shoe:

  • Instructions on shoe tying
  • Illustrations on how to tie shoes
  • 12 “Special Rings” to tie the shoes
  • A success sticker that reads, “Look!  I can tie my own shoes!”

Click here to learn more about One, Two, Tie My Shoe.

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