Word Bank Universal for Google Chrome

Don Johnston Inc., the developer behind Co:Writer, Snap&Read, and more, has recently released Word Bank Universal.  Word Bank Universal is an extension for Google Chrome that puts a word bank directly onto your browser.

Word Bank Universal Google EXtension

What is a word bank exactly?  Word banks provide core vocabulary which can help in:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Spelling support
  • Gaining the gist of an article
  • Recalling previously learned or used words
  • Or as a general tool to help support one’s writing

The extension features over 5 million topics to choose from.  Or, the text on a web page can be made into a word bank instantly.

To use the word bank, simply hover over the words to listen to them aloud.  If you’d like to insert a word from the bank, click on it and it’ll go wherever your cursor is placed!

Features of Word Bank Universal:

  • The word bank’s layout is adjustable:
    • Alphabetic layout: ideal for writing and finding words
    • Circular layout: places the most important words in the middle and less important words near the outside
  • 3 main built-in tools:
    • Text-to-speech allows users to hover over each word and have it read aloud
    • Click to Enter allows users to click the word to enter it into writing
    • Search and Create allows users to create word banks from millions of topics and content areas
  • You can try the extension for free before you buy it

Click here for more information on Word Bank Universal.

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