4 Fidget Gift Ideas

The holiday season is finally upon us!  By now I’m sure you’ve already begun your shopping.  If you’re looking for some more gift ideas, check out the following list.  One of the biggest “toy” categories of the year is fidgets.

If you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another fidget spinner!”  Don’t you worry.  This list consists of other types of fidgets for children and adults alike.  Keep on reading to learn more about fidget gift ideas!

4 Fidget Gift Ideas:

1. Fidget Cube:

The original Fidget Cube is a high-quality desk toy that’s designed to help you focus and/or relax at work, in class, or even on the go.


  • 6-in-1 fidget toy with 6 different fidgets:
    • Click
    • Glide
    • Flip
    • Rub/breathe
    • Roll
    • Spin
  • Available in a variety of color options
  • Helps individuals fidget to focus or relax
  • Great for individuals with anxiety, ADHD, and more
2. Think Ink Pen:

The Think Ink Pen is another example of an all-in-one tool.  Not only can you write with it, you can also spin it, roll it, or flex it.


  • According to their website, it increases creativity, memory, and attention span
  • Great for use in the office or on the go
  • Flexible steel body
  • Floating spinner
  • Removable and flexible magnetic clip
  • Rotating steel sphere in countersunk magnet socket
  • Includes 2 extra ink refills
3. Cuber Speed Rainbow Ball:

This is a different example of a fidget.  Similar to a Rubik’s cube, the Cuber Speed Rainbow Ball is a puzzle fidget.  The ball features 12 holes with 11 colorful balls.  The objective is to scramble the colorful balls into their corresponding slots.


  • A great hands-on fidget that is also a puzzle
  • Exercises memory and fine motor skills
  • Hands-on entertainment for children and adults alike
  • Balls can be moved around using the empty hole; move all of the balls back into their proper places to solve the rainbow ball puzzle
4. Sensory Genius Fiddlejig:

The Sensory Genius Fiddlejig from Mindware is a simple, colorful wooden fidget.  Children 5 years and older will enjoy snapping and clicking the wooden cubes into thousands of different shapes.


  • Builds tactile perception
  • Safe for big and little fingers
  • Makes a great addition to fidget toys in the classroom
  • Children will have fun snapping and clicking the cubes into thousands of different shapes
  • Great for fidgeting

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