StepByStep Sequencing for Kids and Adults App

According to Sensational Brain, sequencing is “an important component of nearly every developmental stepbystep sequencing appskill, from following two-step directions to completing the getting-ready-for-school routine independently.  Sequencing ability impacts speech and language development, motor planning, daily living activities, reading comprehension, organizational skills, time management, and more.”  StepByStep is an app designed to evaluate and facilitate sequencing skills.

The app assesses and improves sequencing skills for individuals of all ages.  It was developed by an occupational therapist for use in collaboration with speech-language pathologists and other professionals.

Once you download the app, users create a profile with a password.  Then users select their age group (adult or kids) and then select a sequence.  Written directions instruct the user to arrange sequences in order from left to right.  The user finds out how many steps were done correctly after completing each sequence.  He or she then has a choice to try again or view results.

Initial purchase comes with four free sequences (2 adult and 2 kids).  The free sequences in the adult category include “Getting Dressed” and “Planting Flowers”.  The free sequences available for children include, “Putting on Socks” and “Washing Your Hands.”

Features of StepByStep Sequencing for Kids and Adults:

  • Designed to evaluate and facilitate sequencing skills
  • Created by a licensed occupational therapist
  • Paid version features 56 fun and clearly-illustrated sequences of everyday tasks, which range from 3-6 steps
  • Challenge, sharpen, and increase the sequencing, problem-solving, and storytelling skills for individuals of all ages

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