Educational Insights Teachable Touchables

Looking for something to help teach children about different textures?  Check out Educational Insights Teachable Touchables.  Young learners can build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they play with the different texture squares.educational insights sensory

Teachable Touchables comes with 20 texture squares in 10 different pairs.  Each pillow is approximately 2 inches to 3 inches in size.

Features of Educational Insights Teachable Touchables:

  • Develops tactile discrimination and awareness
  • Promotes matching skills
  • Builds vocabulary and communication skills
  • Comes with 20 pillows and patches in 10 pairs of different textures
    • Also comes with drawstring bag for easy cleanup and storage
    • Includes Activity Guide for play inspiration and touch challenges
  • Textures include bumpy, furry, fuzzy, nubby, and more
  • In addition to teaching children about different textures, the pillows or patches could also be ideal to calm down individuals with autism or sensory issues
  • Perfect for Pre-K and up!

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