Zoomax Acesight – Wearable AR Glasses for Visual Impairments

Zoomax offers a myriad of products for individuals with visual impairments.  The company offers a full line of low vision products including handheld, portable, and desktop video magnifiers.  They now even offer their first wearable: introducing Zoomax Acesight.

Acesight is a pair of electronic glasses that “enable people with severe low vision to regain their visual independence.”  With this lightweight wearable, users are able to enjoy watching TV, reading, playing on the computer, and so much more – all hands-free!

Features of Zoomax Acesight:

  • In addition to natural color, the glasses can convert your world into a variety of high contrast colors (e.g. light text on a dark background)
  • They can even outline the view to add definition to objects around you
  • Super-fast 60Hz refresh rate and an open design that doesn’t cover peripheral vision
    • “Unlike other solutions, Acesight won’t make you feel dizzy and the image never lags behind”
  • Learning how to use the wearable is quick and intuitive; “as easy as using a TV remote”
  • Lasts more than 4 hours on a full charge
  • Impressive 45º field of view
  • Up to 15x magnification

Visit Acesight’s website to learn more!

zoomax acesight wearable

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