Humanware Reveal 16 Full HD Digital Magnifier

Humanware offers several solutions for individuals with visual impairments. One of their newest products is the Reveal 16, which is a full, foldable HD digital video magnifier.

According to Humanware’s website, “It offers an unmatched crisp, and crystal-clear image quality thanks to its 10x optical zoom camera.” It enables individuals with visual impairments to read documents, textbooks, and newspapers, as well as to write down notes.

Humanware Reveal 16 Features:

  • Adjustable 16-inch screen
  • 10x magnification optical zoom
  • Up to 45x digital magnification
  • Programmable contrast colors
  • Polarized LEDs
  • In addition to magnifying text on paper, you can also view distant objects like a piece of artwork or a whiteboard
  • It features only four buttons and a user-friendly interface making it “the simplest magnifying solution on the market”
  • Reveal 16 is designed to make reading enjoyable, even for long periods of time
  • You can clearly view objects at a distance; simply point the camera in the right direction
  • Foldable which means you can easily stow the device when it’s not in use or bring it with you on the go.
  • Lightweight so it takes little space and is easily stored “thanks to its ergonomic design”

What’s included:

  • Reveal 16 device
  • User Guide
  • Getting Started Sheet
  • Power Adapter
  • North American Power Cable
  • European Power Cable
  • UK Power Cable
  • Australia Power Cable
  • Optional battery and carrying case available