Quha Zona Gyroscopic Mouse

If you or a loved one cannot use a traditional mouse, check out the Quha Zono. The “Quha Zono is the original gyroscopic mouse designed for special needs.”

This gyroscopic mouse makes it possible for you to use a computer when you’re unable to use an ordinary mouse with your hands. It translates natural head movements into mouse pointer movements. Further, “it is an extremely light device, and since it is completely wireless there are endless ways to wear it.”

Features of the Quha Zona Gyroscopic Mouse:

  • Provides intuitive and accurate computer access with just small head movements
  • Absolutely zero setup time: open the box, plug it in, and turn it on; instant access to your device!
  • Compatible with all available computers and almost all smartphones and tablets
  • Attaches to the user’s head, hand, foot, or any other appendage
  • What’s in the box:
    • Quha Zono mouse
    • USB Receiver
    • Zono Button adapter
    • USB charging cable
    • Adapter to connect two switches
    • User manual and CD

Click here to learn more about this gyroscopic mouse!

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