AbleRacers Ride-On Toy Car

AbleRacers is a company on a mission to “provide accessible play for everyone.” One of their available products is the AbleRacers Ride-On Toy Car.

The AbleRacers Ride-On Toy Car promotes independent mobility for children with special needs. Instead of being operated via foot pedal, these cars can be controlled with assistive technology switches and sensors. According to the website’s description, “Adapted toys for children with disabilities gives them the tools to explore their environments, engage in physical and social activities, and most importantly, play!”

The Ride-On Toy Car requires minimal assembly so parents can set it up on their own. The company’s own electronics technicians complete all the electrical rework, component installation, and testing that “adapting a toy requires.”

Features of the AbleRacers Ride-On Toy Car:

  • You can plug any standard assistive technology switches into the 3.5mm Jack in the car
    • This includes buttons, pressure sensors, sip and puff, and more
  • Comes with wireless shut-off remote so you can ensure driver’s safety
  • Physical e-stop button on the back
  • A speed control knob so children can start out slow and speed up as they get used to driving
  • Different models and themes available (Barbie, John Deere, Frozen, and more)

Visit the company’s website to learn more!