CoughDrop AAC App

Are you looking for a new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app? The CoughDrop AAC app is one available option on the market. It is a simple, modern AAC communication and support tool for individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and more.

The CoughDrop AAC app runs on multiple devices so users can log in on their tablet, computer, and smartphone. The app includes starter boards for different levels of communication and boards with large or small buttons.

Logo of CoughDrop AAC App

Quick fun fact: The company named the app “CoughDrop” because “cough drops help you get back the voice you had, but that maybe people couldn’t hear so well.”

Features of the CoughDrop AAC App:

  • CoughDrop includes starter boards for different levels of communication
  • Personalize boards with large or small buttons
    • These buttons can be symbols, user-provided images or camera photos, user-recorded audio, speech synthesis, etc.
  • Work offline with backup in the cloud so it’s easy to switch between devices
  • Vocabulary can increase over time
  • Users can try the app for free for two months
  • Users can easily discover and personalize communication boards created by others
  • The app is available to download on:

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