TruGlide Mesh Fiber Stylus

One of the most versatile, low-tech pieces of assistive technology is different styli. I have written about several over the years, but I have yet to write about the TruGlide Mesh Fiber Stylus from Lynktec.

The TruGlide Stylus features a mesh fiber tip which glides smoothly for a more natural feel. It is a universal stylus pen that works “perfectly with all capacitive touchscreen devices including smartphones, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and more.” The micro-knit tip makes it more durable than traditional rubber styluses.

Features of the TruGlide Mesh Fiber Stylus:

  • The mesh fiber tip glides smoothly across touchscreens and won’t skip like a traditional rubber-tip stylus
  • Great for writing, drawing, texting, gaming and navigating on various touchscreens
  • According to the manufacturer, “If you’re looking for a stylus with a durable a tip as possible that’s stylish and offers more performance, you’ll be happy with the TruGlide Stylus”
  • Features a pocket clip that makes it easier to carry the stylus on the go
  • Strongly woven fibers are designed to last longer than old-fashioned rubber tip styli

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