Morphic Sets Your Computer Up for Success

You may be familiar and totally comfortable with your own computer — its setting, features and programs. But what happens when you’re using a different computer and don’t know how to log in, where to find the features you need and what to do with the different settings?

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That’s where Morphic comes in. Morphic unlocks the flexibility, power and simplicity hidden in your computer, making it easy to discover and adjust settings and features to make an unfamiliar computer easier to use.

New Computer, Same Settings

“Morphic is an extension to the operating system, something you add to your computer,” said Gregg Vanderheiden, Ph.D., professor at University at Maryland. “First of all, it makes it a lot easier to discover the features in your computer that make it easier to use. And secondly, it allows you to take those settings, and whenever you sit down to a new computer, it’ll instantly apply them.”

So if your computer is set with text-to-speech or high-contrast themes, a new computer will have those same settings. If you have voice-recognition programs or closed-captioning on your home computer, Morphic makes sure another computer adjusts to apply those features.

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“We started off looking at people who had disabilities who had to have a computer set up just the way they need it to be, but all of us need the computer to be set up properly in order for us to be optimal in our performance,” Vanderheiden said. “Morphic is important because computers are taking on larger and larger roles in our lives, so we need to make sure that when people encounter the computer, it’s set up to fit them in the same way as when we give people a pair of glasses set up with their prescription. Morphic helps to level the playing field by making it easier for people to use computers effectively and competitively.”

Morphic will:

  • Help with language differences.
  • Enlarge the whole screen.
  • Quickly enlarge a page when needed.
  • Make controls easier to operate.
  • Improve the readability of text.

By saving your settings in a secure and private cloud vault, Morphic can instantly apply them when you log in to any Morphic-enabled computer. Then when you sign out of the computer, it will go back to its standard settings. Right now, Morphic is in pilot testing and is scheduled to be released next year.

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