Jabberwocky AAC App

Looking for a new assistive speech app? Swiftable offers the Jabberwocky AAC app (available on iOS devices.) I have written about several augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) apps, but Jabberwocky AAC offers some pretty neat unique features.

BridgingApps sums the app up pretty well:

The app enables a user with limited speech to talk using text-to-speech. Users only need an iPhone or iPad that supports Face ID. Users with iPhone X can use the head tracking feature to type using only head movement, and then use text-to-speech to talk. The app costs $49.99/year with a free 90-day trial.

Image credit: Swiftable

You read that correctly: the app supports head-tracking input on an iPhone X. It translates your head movement into a cursor to type letters and initiate text-to-speech. You also have the option to draw letters and words, so you can “quickly type without dwelling on each individual letter.”

Other features of the Jabberwocky AAC app:

  • Calibration is easy and supports different levels of range of motion and head control
  • Privacy: what you type never leaves your device
  • Smart word prediction saves time and learns what you type
  • History of spoken phrases lets you quickly reuse recent and frequent phrases.
  • Switch accessible: supports switch control with external switches or by using the whole screen as a switch
  • Works with or without Wi-Fi access

Check it out on the App Store to learn more!