Welp, anyone who knows me knows that numbers are not – and have never been – my friend. I have struggled in every math class I’ve ever taken. Fortunately, there are so many tools available today to help students out with math. Cymath LLC offers a math solving app that is “powered by a combination of artificial intelligence and heuristics so that it solves math problems step-by-step like a teacher would.”

In other words, it takes a complicated equation (algebra, calculus, etc.) and breaks it down so you can see every single step.

Okay before getting into the features of the app, let’s start with just their website. You can enter a math equation directly on their website and it’ll solve it for you. Here’s an example if you type in the equation 9x-3=6:

Then by selecting “Check Answer” it’ll walk you through plugging in x (in this case x=1) and it’ll show you how it’s the correct answer:

In addition to breaking complicated problems down, Cymath also gives you the chance to practice a multitude of problems. From fractions to power substitution in calculus, Cymath is a great tool for individuals who may need a little help in math!

Visit to learn more, or check the app out on Google Play or the App Store!