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Speech Pups LLC is a company developed by Leanne Poole, a speech-language pathologist. The company offers an app called Questions2Learn, which helps students understand and learn who, where, what, and when questions.

Leanne Poole developed the app after several of her students have “difficulty using their verbal abilities and/or have significant cognitive weaknesses. These students benefited from using Questions2Learn during therapy sessions.”

While using the app, children will meet the Speech Pups, Moca and Dakota. The pups “will reinforce your students while they answer questions.” Users can choose a category to answer questions from the following: school, home, food & drinks, health, community, and leisure/recreational.

They can also customize their own categories of questions by typing who, what, where, when, which, and why questions specific to them. This customizable feature allows students to upload images from their photo library, take pictures using the camera, and record their own voice.

Questions2Learn allows parents, teachers, and other professionals to adjust each student’s settings so you can work on their individual needs that change often.

Features of the Questions2Learn App:

  • Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist
  • The customizable feature allows you to create your own questions and categories using your personal images and voice recordings
  • Ability to modify pre-programmed picture choices
  • Four levels:
    1. 3 pictures
    2. 4 pictures
    3. 5 pictures
    4. No pictures
  • Here are a few of the settings that can be adjusted to meet each student’s needs:
    • Auditory Prompt provides your student feedback if he or she answered the question correctly or incorrectly
    • Visual Prompt reduces the amount of picture choices, if your student selects the incorrect answer
    • Four different reinforcement types to choose from
    • Two different reinforcement schedules: continuous or intermittent
    • And more

Check out Questions2Learn on the App Store by clicking here.

Click here to learn more about the company behind the app.

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