MindPlace Kasina DeepVision Bundle

Stress has been scientifically proven to cause over a dozen effects on your mind, body, and behavior.  There are several apps to help you meditate and relax, but there are also standalone products to help calm your mind.  One example of such products is the MindPlace Kasina DeepVision Bundle.

MindPlace has been ahead of the “meditation technology revolution” since 1988.  The company’s mission is to “provide tools for the inner explorer to create a more enlightened and enjoyable life.”  The company offers different lighting and sound systems to help individuals unwind whenever necessary.

Kasina is a “Pali term that refers to an ancient system of meditation that uses visual objects to focus the mind.”  The MindPlace Kasina DeepVision Bundle is the company’s “most mature product yet” that can induce positive mood-shifting effects. 

The bundle comes with DeepVision Ganzframes to expand your experience by giving you the opportunity to keep your eyes open or closed during a session. While wearing these DeepVision eyes-open Ganzfeld Glasses, your entire field of view is filled with pure, jewel-like colors and dancing patterns.

In addition to offering the calm lighting, the bundle also comes with the Kasina Console (sound machine) with 49 pre-loaded sessions.

Features of the MindPlace Kasina DeepVision Bundle:

  • Easy-to-use: you’re able to plug and play right out of the box
  • You can easily create your own sessions (great for therapists!)
  • The DeepVision Ganzframes feature a backlit, colored LCD display
  • You can use the Color Organ feature to turn any music into a colorful, calming light show
  • Aural backgrounds range from “soothing sounds of nature to ambient electronic tapestries to embedded binaural beats and isochronic pulses – all orchestrated and synchronized to the visual experience

What’s in the box:

  • Quickstart guide
  • Kasina Console – with 49 sessions already loaded on it
  • Kasina Ganzframes Multicolor Eyewear
  • Earbud style headphones
  • USB power cable
  • Stereo patch cable
  • MicroSD Card with SD Adapter
  • Soft carrying case
  • Kasina DeepVision Ganzframes added to the shipping box

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