Math Wizard for Kids App

Looking for an interactive, fun approach to teaching and practicing algebra? Check out the Math Wizard for Kids App! According to the app’s description, it is a “fun, unique, and innovative approach to math instruction for children ages five to twelve!”

The app consists of two parts: Sandbox and Exercises:


In the Sandbox, children can create and interact with math expressions freely. “The Sandbox is an open-ended activity that allows users to experiment freely with algebra rules.” Users can add numbers they want, and thus create and interact with any expressions they want!


The app features hundreds of built-in exercises (addition, subtraction, equality, inequality, isolate a variable, and a brain teaser). The goal of each exercise is to reproduce an expression or equation (e.g. “3”, “4=4”, or “x=3) starting from another expression or equation (e.g. “1+2”, “2+2=3+1”, “-1+x=2”).

math wizard for kids app logo

Overview of Math Wizard for Kids:

  • Children will learn about addition and subtraction while visually seeing how it works
    • They’ll also learn about equality and an inequality and math symbols: +, -, =, >, <
  • Positive and negative integer numbers (up to 10 billion!)
  • Expressions with + and – operators
  • Undo/redo operations and manipulations
  • Division by 2
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Many settings are available to customize the app, so it can fit the needs of both educators and students
    • Number display mode (beads or digits)
    • Authorize division by 2
    • Animation speed
    • And more!

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