Creative Mark Professional Mahl Stick

I recently began painting again after over seven years.  Seven years ago I was a lot stronger and able to hold my arms and shoulders up for a while without any issues.  However, when I went to paint again after all these years, I quickly learned I can no longer paint like I used to; I can no longer use a standard easel nor hold up my arm without getting fatigued.  I know I am not the only artist who fatigues easily, so I began researching.  One low-tech, yet invaluable piece of assistive technology solution for this issue is a mahl stick.  The Creative Mark Professional Mahl Stick is one available option available for purchase.

expandable creative mark professional mahl stick

I have never taken a single course or lesson on painting so I have never heard of a mahl stick prior to my research.  If you’re unfamiliar, it is a simple device that is ideal for individuals who use slow-drying mediums and paint wet-in-wet.  The stick allows users to work over wet areas with a steady hand and with no fear in smudging.

The Creative Mark Professional Mahl Stick helps users paint and sketch without any fatigue or pain.  It also helps keep the artist’s hand and arm steady while they’re painting.

Other Features of the Creative Mark Professional Mahl Stick:

  • Made of varnished aluminum
  • Features a traditional leather-covered cork end rest that doesn’t slip like a cheap rubber-tipped end does
  • “Superior quality, lightweight, stays put while you work”
  • Expandable: expands to 35.5 inches in length with “firm support for steadying your hand while painting at an easel or on a tabletop

Click here to learn more about Creative Mark’s Mahl Stick.

To learn more about how to use one – or even make one – click here!


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