Extra Large Button Talking Clock

Are you looking for a simple talking clock to tell you what time it is?  The Extra Large Button Talking Clock from LS&S Products is a simple timepiece option for individuals with (or without) visual impairments!

talking clock extra large button

The Extra Large Button Talking Clock is nothing but a large, blue button, which makes it “extremely easy to find and to use.”  When it’s pressed, the clock will speak the time in a clear male voice.  To hear the time, press the button once.  To hear the date, press the blue button again after hearing the time.  The date is spoken as date, month, day (e.g. 12, May, Tuesday).

Overview of the Extra Large Button Talking Clock:

  • Simple talking clock that is nothing but a big button, “making it extremely easy to find and use”
  • The round clock base measures 4½ inches in diameter
    • The high visibility speak button itself measures 3¾ inches across
  • The clock tells the time whenever the button is pressed; press twice to hear the date
  • The volume can be set to Hi or Lo using the switch on the bottom of the clock
  • The clock operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included)

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