WobL+ Watch: World’s Smallest Reminder Watch

If you’re searching for a new wearable to help keep you (or your child) on track, check out the WobL+ Watch!  According to its website, the WobL+ Watch is the world’s “smallest vibrating alarm reminder watch.”

WobL+ Watch examples

WobL+ Watch developers took the original WobL watch and tweaked it to make the wearable more discreet and waterproof.  The biggest differences between the two models are that the original featured an audible alarm, while the newer model simply vibrates.  Additionally, the newer model is waterproof with a silicone band, unlike the original which is made out of nylon blend.

Overview of WobL+ Watch:

  • Users are able to set up to nine independent alarms
  • The watch band is made of silicone
    • Fits wrist sizes 4.50 to 8 inches
    • Bands are interchangeable
    • Available in black, pink, blue, and lime green
  • Ability to erase and/or shut off the countdown timer
    • The countdown timer can be from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • The watch’s vibration alarm setting makes it great for daily discreet reminders
  • The watch is ideal for individuals with ADHD, visual or hearing impairments, diabetes, and more
  • 10 ATM water-resistant: users can wear the watch while swimming, but the site warns not to push buttons while the watch is underwater
  • Six-month warranty

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