Star and Galaxy Projector with LED Nebula Cloud

I have been thinking of ways to transform my bedroom into a more calming atmosphere.  More specifically, I have been thinking of different lighting solutions.  My friend told me about the Star and Galaxy Projector with LED Nebula Cloud.  I thought I would try it out and I have to say: it is very relaxing!

Setting the projector up is as simple as plugging it in, positioning it, and turning it on with its remote!  Whenever I turn on the Star and Galaxy Projector, my bedroom instantly transforms into an atmosphere nearly as calming as a sensory room.

star and galaxy projector

The projector is ultra-quiet, making it ideal to use as a night light for kiddos of all ages.  It can display both stars and nebula clouds across a variety of different settings.  You can have both stars and cloud effects working in unison or independently.  I have it looking towards my ceiling so that’s where the “galaxy” shows up along with stars swirling around it; the stars are constantly moving around my walls, too.

Overview of the Star and Galaxy Projector with LED Nebula Cloud:

  • 16 color modes available so you can choose your favorite color or just have it change colors
  • You can also adjust the projector’s angle
    • 4 different angles: 40º, 60º, 70º, 90º
  • There are also 3 brightness settings on the remote
  • The speed of the stars and/or cloud is also adjustable
  • Comes with user-friendly remote with easy-to-press buttons
    • Remote requires 2 AAA batteries (NOT included)
  • Measures 6.5 inches tall, 3.14 inches wide
  • The projector itself is available in multiple colors (white, sky blue, gray)

Check it out on Amazon to learn more!

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