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Talkie Articulation App

If you’re in the market for an app to help children learn and practice speech-sound production, check out the Talkie Articulation app.  The app aims for “young children to utilize the content, with an adult or speech therapist to guide them so they can learn the correct sounds of phonemes.”

The Talkie Articulation app was developed by a team of certified speech-language pathologists and product engineers.  The app is suitable for practice in a clinical setting with a speech-language pathologist as well as for practicing at home.

talkie articulation app logo

It integrates three elements:

  1. Real-time monitoring loop:
    • Immediate imitation
    • Automatic recording
    • Self-monitoring
    • Built-in feedback
  2. Interactive games:
    • Five “attractive” games as well as bonus games to help children while engaging in fun activities:
      • Balloon-popping
      • Racing car
      • Train
      • Bricks and wrecking ball
      • Image exposure
  3. Customizing word lists:
    • Choose words according to various criteria:
      • Position of the phoneme in the word
      • Number of syllables
      • Blends inclusion or exclusion
      • Semantic difficulty
      • Articulation difficulty
      • Single phoneme versus multiple phonemes simultaneously

Overview of the Talkie Articulation app:

  • App for speech therapists and parents to use with younger children to help them learn and practice speech-sound production
  • With the easy-to-use interface for customizing word lists, you can:
    • Add or remove blends
    • Increase or reduce semantic level
    • Number of syllables
    • Phonetic difficulty
  • You can also practice a whole group of sounds by selecting several target sounds that share a phonetic category or address a type of error
  • 23 consonants for practice
  • Over 1000 words illustrated in pictures accompanied with pre-recorded narrating
  • Built-in automatic recording
  • And more!

Click here to check out Talkie Articulation on the App Store!

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