GramMars Wars app nouns example

GramMars Wars App – Play, compete, and learn grammar

Learning English and grammar is challenging for many individuals.  This is especially true for students whose primary language isn’t English.  If you’re looking for a fun way for your child or student to practice English grammar, check out the GramMars Wars app!

GramMars Wars is a space-themed app that can help strengthen children’s use and understanding of English grammar, and all the different aspects that make up the English language.  It is set up just like a game, making learning grammar both fun and interactive!

GramMars Wars app nouns example

According to its description on the App Store:

“GramMars Wars is the game to learn English grammar.  Use a team of monsters to fight the evil aliens using grammar…”

Overview of GramMars Wars app:

  • Fun app to help learn and practice English grammar
  • Features “incredible graphics and animations” in a space theme
  • Over 100 different grammar topics with thousands of questions
  • Some categories and examples include:
    • Nouns: concrete nouns, proper nouns, possessive nouns, plural nouns, noun classification, etc.
    • Pronouns: subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns, etc.
    • Verbs: physical verbs, abstract verbs, helping verbs, irregular verbs, action vs. linking verbs, etc.
    • Tenses: present, past, and future simple tenses; present, past, and future continuous tenses, etc.
    • Modifiers: adjectives, articles, prepositions, adverbs, subordinating conjunctions, etc.
    • Sentences: subject and verb phrases, direct and indirect objects, infinitives, participles in a sentence, object complements, adjective clauses, adverb clauses, etc.
    • And much, much more!
  • Available on both App Store and Google Play

Click here to learn more!

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