help dialer 247 emergency system

Help Dialer 24/7 System

Assistive Technology Services (ATS) is a company offering several solutions to help individuals live as independently as possible.  One of their available products is the Help Dialer 24/7 System.

help dialer 247 emergency system The Help Dialer 24/7 System features 2 panic buttons: one wrist panic button and a necklace panic button.  Whenever you press the button on one of the pendants, the system will turn on the hands-free two-way speakerphone on the base unit and then contact up to 3 of your friends or family members.  You will also have the option to contact 911.

However, if you pay for the professional monitoring package and press a button on one of the pendants, it’ll turn on the hands-free two-way speakerphone on the base unit and then call their 24/7 Care Line.  The 24/7 Care Line will evaluate your need(s) and automatically send the appropriate help you need (police, fire, or ambulance.)

Here’s more from Assistive Technology Services:

“Help Dialer 24/7 services provide peace of mind, and an independent lifestyle to users in the knowledge that fast and professional assistance is merely the touch of a button away.

For increase independence, security, peace of mind, or just reassurance, we’re there for you at the touch of a button.”

Overview of Help Dialer 24/7 System:

  • Once you make the first payment, your system will be shipped
  • As long as you are a subscriber ($10/month) you’ll never have to pay a penny for equipment costs or repairs
  • Self-monitoring package: contacts up to 3 friends or family members with the option to contact 911
  • Professional monitoring package: contacts the 24/7 monitoring service that assesses your needs and sends the appropriate help (police, fire, or ambulance)
  • Uses a regular phone line but can also be used if your phone has Bluetooth capability with this adapter
  • Wireless covers 20,000 square feet range
  • The water-resistant panic button can be worn in the shower
  • Pacemaker safe
  • Comes with 1 panic button to wear around your neck and 1 panic button to wear on your wrist
  • Free battery replacements for life
  • No batteries to charge, ever!
  • Only 1 button to push
  • Lifetime warranty

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