Summarize articles with SMMRY

Reading articles and other online texts can be challenging for individuals with dyslexia or other learning disorders.  If you’re looking for a free online resource to help summarize articles, check out SMMRY.  SMMRY (pronounced SUMMARY) was developed to summarize articles.

SMMRY screenshotAccording to its description on its website:

SMMRY’s mission is to provide an efficient manner of understanding text, which is done primarily by reducing the text to only the most important sentences…”

It accomplishes its mission by ranking sentences by importance using a core algorithm.  It also removes unnecessary clauses, transition phrases, and excessive examples.

You can paste an article, text, or essay in the large box on its website.  At the top of the website, type in the number of sentences you want it to summarize.  You can also upload a file or paste a URL.

Overview of SMMRY:

  • A free online resource that helps summarize articles and more
  • The core algorithm summarizes in 7 simple steps:
    1. Associate words with their grammatical counterparts (e.g. “city” and “cities”);
    2. Assign each word with points depending on their popularity;
    3. Calculate the occurrence of each word in the text;
    4. Detect which periods represent the end of a sentence (“e.g. “Mr.” does not);
    5. Split up the text into individual sentences;
    6. Rank sentences by the sum of their words’ points; and
    7. Return X of the most highly ranked sentences in chronological order
  • You can bookmark the widget so you can easily access the site
  • Paste an article or essay in the large box on the website directly
    • You can also summarize PDF and TXT documents by uploading a file or by pasting a URL in the appropriate box

Click here to learn more!

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