limitless stylus 145 degree

Limitless Stylus

Many individuals use a stylus to help operate phones, tablets, and more.  Paul Tudisco came up with the idea to create a stylus for individuals with little to no hand dexterity.  His product, the Limitless Stylus, is “extremely lightweight and durable which makes it easy to use on a daily basis.”

limitless stylus 145 degree

The mission behind Limitless Stylus is as follows:

“The company’s goal is to further the recognition of Limitless Stylus and introduce this revolutionary device to the public in hopes to improve the betterment of people with limited mobility, amputees, and others who face physical challenges. Ultimately, Paul wanted those who feel limited to feel employed by staying connected to others using technology that continues to advance.”

The website offers several different models to meet the needs of different users.  The Limitless Stylus features a simple design that wraps around the user’s wrist with two velcro straps. Each stylus has been designed for long-term use and optimal comfort.

Limitless Stylus Overview:

  • A stylus that comes in different sizes and angles to meet the needs of different individuals
  • Available in the following angles:
    • 121º, 125º, 135º, 145º, straight
  • Lightweight, non-invasive design
  • Features two velcro straps for additional stability
  • Designed for long-term use and optimal comfort
  • Stylus tips screw on and straps slip on
  • Two different sizes:
    1. Adult/Teen:
      • Length: 10.79″
      • Width: 1.00″
      • Thickness: 0.29″
      • Available angles: 121º, 125º, 135º, 145º, straight
    2. Child:
      • Length: 6.09″
      • Width: 0.76″
      • Thickness: 0.29″
      • Available angle: 145º
  • Compatible with most touch screen devices

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