dimpl pops by fat brain toys

Dimpl Pops

Fat Brain Toys is a company on a mission to “enrich families and provide a smarter way to play by inspiring creativity and sparking curiosity.”  One of their available products is their Dimpl Pops.  Dimpl Pops is a fun bubble-popping fidget toy made out of squishy silicone.

dimpl pops by fat brain toys

Here’s more from the website’s description:

“The squishy silicone is fascinating for the fingers.  Young, old – no matter who you are – your fingers just can’t stop!  Experience the joy of Dimpl in its purest form with Dimpl Pops.”

The toy features 18 Dimpl bubbles in two different sizes, all built into a strong, high-quality plastic frame.  

Overview of Dimpl Pops:

  • High-quality, durable board of 18 Dimpl bubbles to poke and pop
  • 18 bubbles in 2 different sizes in a rainbow of colors
  • Encourages:
    • Fine motor skills
    • Sensory learning
    • Calmness
  • Perfect for all ages – ideal for travel, relaxing at home, sensory discovery, and learning
  • Includes one Dimpl Pops board
  • Plastic frame made from high-quality ABS plastic frame
  • Bubbles made of 100% food-grade silicone
  • Board measures 8.75 x 6.75 x 1 inches
  • BPA-free, fully safety tested
  • Hand washable

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