tricella smart pillbox with app

Tricella Smart Pillbox

Over the years we’ve written and talked about several smart pillboxes. Yet another available option is the Tricella Smart Pillbox.

The Tricella Smart Pillbox is an innovative Bluetooth-enabled smart 7-day pillbox that helps users remember to take their daily medication.  The pillbox features built-in sensors that can detect if either you or a loved one hasn’t taken their pills on a specific day.  It will automatically send alerts to family members if a loved one forgets to take their medication.

tricella smart pillbox with app

If a medicine was forgotten, call to action buttons are readily available so you can easily call your loved one.  Further, Tricella’s easy-to-use app tracks progress overtime “to make sure you’ve been on top of your regimens.”

Overview of Tricella Smart Pillbox:

  • Smart pillbox that alerts family and caregivers if a loved one misses a dose
  • You can easily tap on the date to see what pills you’ve missed or have taken
  • Smart sensors built into each drawer of the pillbox can detect when users are taking their pills
  • Long battery life can last over six months; simply replace it with a coin cell battery
  • Each pillbox is designed for one dose per day
    • Multiple pillboxes can be used for multiple doses
  • History log tracks your progress over time to help you reach your health goals

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