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There are several apps available to help individuals with dyslexia.  If you’re looking for an app to help make reading easier, check out Omoguru Reader.  Omoguru makes text more readable with a “visually comfortable font family designed to improve letter detection and recognition of word shapes.”

omoguru reader logo

What’s the secret?  According to the app’s description:

“Visually comfortable font system and tools designed to make the text more readable. Research proves it reduces reading time, mistakes, and mental effort. So far individuals with dyslexia read 150,000 pages with it. And it is free…”

To use the app, users simply select a book from the preloaded library.  The app allows users to adjust the text and apply it to the entire e-book.  It takes under a minute to make these adjustments.

Overview of Omoguru Reader:

  • These are the tools you’ll find within the app:
    • Font type – from A to E respectively longer letter “necks” and “tails” help to decode the words
    • Syllables marking (with different colors) to keep reading rhythm
    • Spacing between lines and between the letters
    • Font size
    • Weight of the font
    • Background color for better text
    • Marking mirror letters to avoid mental rotation
  • Select between 2 reading styles with a tool that helps with focus and following lines
  • The result of using Omoguru Reader is better fluency and reading skills
  • The app is free to use, but with Omoguru Premium:
    • Add an e-book or convert PDF, DocX, Mobi, or Txt
    • Convert a photo of the print to digital text and save it as a note
  • Works on both smartphones and tablets

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