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Imagine if you could solve a math homework problem by simply snapping a picture of it with your phone.  With the Homework Solver – Math app, you can do just that!  This app turns any textbook or teacher-set problem into a responsive learning aid that provides instant feedback.  

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Homework Solver utilizes artificial intelligence to read the image and then correct or solve it showing the steps it followed to reach the solution.  In addition to solving problems, the app also features a scientific calculator.  

You can take a picture directly within the app or you can import a picture from your device’s storage.  It can recognize handwritten problems and word problems too.  

Overview of Homework Solver – Math App:

  • Word problem recognition
  • Step-by-step explanations for every solution
  • Multiple solving methods for equations
  • Multi-functional scientific calculator 
  • Covers the following topics:
    • Basic math and pre-algebra: arithmetic, fractions, integers, decimals, powers, roots, factors, long division
    • Statistics: descriptive statistics and inferences, combinations, factorials
    • Algebra: linear equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, functions, graphing, polynomials, systems of equations, matrices
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry: vectors, logarithmic functions, identities, conic sections, sequences and series
    • Calculus: integrals, limits, curves, derivates

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