GitMind: AI-powered Mind Map

The other day, I wrote about Freeform, which is an app that helps users map out different ideas visually.  Another similar option is GitMind, which is an AI-powered Mind Mapping app.

gitmind AI app logo

With GitMind mind mapping and brainstorming tool, you can transform your ideas into visually engaging mind maps.  “Harness the power of AI to create professional-level mind maps effortlessly.”  With GitMind AI, you can easily create mind map, concept map, org chart, timeline, notes, to-do list, project plan, meeting minutes, and more all on your mobile device.  The AI mind map generator can turn your text into mind maps with one click.

Overview of GitMind:

  • Capture ideas:
    • Generate a list of ideas related to your topic and save brainstorming time
    • Write and capture ideas as notes, concept maps, project plans, to-do lists, etc.
    • Create from different color themes and 100+ mind map templates
    • Extract text from image and convert to mind map
  • Get organized:
    • View and edit your mind map as a bulleted outline
    • Customize font color, size, background color, etc.
  • Work together:
    • GitMind AI provides a powerful knowledge base to assist your decision-making
    • Share your mind maps through a web link with one click
    • Incubate and develop your ideas together in real-time

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