pbs kids games app screenshots

PBS Kids Games App

As you may already know, PBS features many educational shows for children of all ages.  They also offer a fun, engaging app for kiddos called PBS Kids Games.  With more than 250 fun games featuring popular PBS Kids characters, PBS Kids Games is one of the best iPad games for children.  

Kids will enjoy these mini-games featuring some of their favorite animated TV personalities for hours on end.  The games cover a wide variety of interests including strategy, pattern and shape matching, music, racing, and more.  Children can learn basic information about weather, painting, sea creatures, and much more.  The app also helps individuals build reading skills!

pbs kids games app screenshots

Here’s more from the App Store:

“Your child can play and learn with PBS Kids in English and Spanish thanks to familiar faces like Alma, Rosie, and more. Download games and play from the safety of your home or anywhere you take your device to keep the fun going offline.

Your child will learn and play in a safe, kid-friendly interface, making preschool and early elementary education fun and easy. Start your child’s learning adventure today!”

Overview of PBS Kids Games app:

  • Safe, child-friendly playing experience for toddlers and kids
  • Play mini-games that boost imagination and allow children to learn with beloved PBS Kids characters
  • Download games so kiddos can play offline anywhere, at any time!
  • 250+ FREE curriculum-based games for kids ages 2+
  • Explore mazes, puzzles, numbers, play dress-up, coloring, and so much more
  • Covers a variety of school subjects like science, reading, math, art, etc.
  • Play games about social concepts like mindfulness, emotions, and kindness
  • New games are added often
  • Play in English or Spanish

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