kinderboard keyboard for kids

KinderBoard Keyboard for Kids

The KinderBoard is a child-friendly plug-and-play USB keyboard for Windows computers.  It is full of features that make it appealing to both children and educators.  Its simple design and high-contrast layout make it an excellent choice for young learners and those with visual impairments or fine motor skill difficulties.

kinderboard keyboard for kids

The KinderBoard is different from traditional keyboards in a couple of different ways. First, those learning to type will find it easier to learn their character sets with color-coded consonants, vowels, numbers, and punctuation marks. The vowels are orange, consonants are green, numbers are red, and function keys are blue. Secondly, the keys are larger, making it easier for small hands to press accurately.

Overview of KinderBoard:

  • Encourages children to start typing at a young age
  • Keys are larger and color-coded to make them easier for little hands
  • This color-coding helps children learn key locations and enhances their understanding of letter groups
  • High-contrast black background and bright-colored keys make the keyboard more visually accessible to individuals with low vision
    • This design helps improve key recognition and reduces strain on the user’s eyes

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  1. Colors: orange for vowels, green for consonants, red for digits, and blue for function keys geometry dash breeze . Second, even little hands will have no trouble pressing the keys precisely because they are larger.

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