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Learn sight words with Fry Words app

Mastering sight words lays a sturdy foundation for literacy.  If you are looking for an app for your child or student to learn sight words, check out the Fry Sight Words App!  The Fry Sight Word app is ideal for students in any grade who need more repetition in reading the sight word lists. 

fry words app logo

This app focuses on literacy support by offering the opportunity to learn and practice reading the most common 1,000 sight words, organized into ten lists of 100 words.  Dr. Edward Fry developed the Fry Sight Words list, which consists of the most commonly used words in English.

Overview of Fry Sight Words:

  • Add your own cards – you can add an unlimited number of new words and record your own voice
  • Add new lists – you can add and group flashcards into customizable lists which is ideal for learning
  • 5 unique game modes from easy (2 words only) to challenging (6 words per page)
  • Unique continuous looping feature so you can go through hundreds of flashcards automatically
  • Fully customizable font size, font color, spelling (upper case, lower case, etc.)

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