vivE health sock assist and remover

Sock Assist and Remover

Bending down to reach one’s feet to slide socks on can be painful or impossible for many people due to age, injury, or disability. Enter Vive Health’s Sock Assist and Remover.  Just as the name suggests, the Sock Assist and Remover is a user-friendly device designed to simplify the process of putting on and taking off socks.

vivE health sock assist and remover

To use the device, simply slide your sock onto the sock cradle and slip your foot into the cradle. Next, the ergonomic handles provide leverage, making it easier to position the sock cradle and pull up the sock onto the foot. When you are ready to remove the sock, the device can also be used in reverse to remove the sock without the need to bend down, promoting independence and reducing strain.

Overview of Sock Assist and Remover:

  • Particularly beneficial for individuals aging in place or those with limited mobility
  • Extra long nylon loop allows you to “evenly and smoothly” pull each sock on with one or both hands
  • 5 ridges along the base of the sock aid ensure socks and hosiery stay securely in place for a smooth, complete pull
  • Designed with smooth, rounded edges for easy use with dress, casual, and athletic socks, compression stockings, or hosiery
  • A built-in sock hook allows you to grasp the edge of your sock and push it down for easy removal without lifting your foot

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